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Game Play wrap up!

Thanks to all of the players for making this game so much fun to host!




Players: 15 - including OB & me.

Combined bank totals: $2516.00 (this may be a tiny bit off, because I don't think I had OB's final total. I gave her $121 from her last post in the player bank thread)

I have no idea how many books/pages were read, although that would be a very interesting stat!




aimeeerickson with $365.00


Our first place winner was a dark horse player! I'm disappointed that I didn't get to know Aimee while she was reading, because she chews through books like mad! Aimee wins the $50.00 amazon g/c or book depository order (for international players).


Murder by Death with $329.00


Jenn rolled into second place with an incredible $329.00! Jenn wins the $25.00 Book Depository Order because I know that she is an international player.




Jenn previously PM'd me and wanted to quietly bow out of prizes after the game was done! So, we'll move onto the next player.



Our next winner is Ani and her co-players Magnetic Monkey, Teddy-Bear Game Piece and Penni Penguin with $274.00! Ani's gameboard was the most creative, and her posts were delightful! Ani - you're looking at a $25.00 g/c or book depository order!


Tannat is our final winner with $269.00!


Tannat played a wily game, and I'm pleased to see her come in as a winner. Tannat, you're eligible for either a $15.00 g/c or a book depository order. Your profile reflects you are Canadian, but possibly you can still use an amazon g/c?


I will be in contact with all of the winners by PM!


Note: I am no mathematician, so the original version of this post had Tannat in second place and Ani in third place! Fixed it!