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Eighteen hours!

So, I finished the Halloween quilt! It took me a bit over 19 hours to put the back together, baste it, quilt it and bind it. I know this because I finished the entire Fellowship of the Ring in the three days I worked on it!


Pictures! First, here's the back. I used a black and orange polka dot that I bought at Joanne's for $4.00 a yard on sale, and I pieced it with an 8 1/2 in strip of pieced fabric. It turned out great!



Now for the quilt itself:



It is a total of 65 x 78. I went ahead and added a border, although I ran out of fabric at the bottom, as you can see, so I just finished it using a different fabric (the skulls). I did an all over stipple quilt in gray, and then I quilted the border using orange thread, which doesn't really show up in the picture, but it looks cute. The binding is a scrappy binding made with leftover quilt fabric. It was a ton of work, but I am thrilled with how it turned out!


I'm exhausted, though! 




Portable Magic asked for a close up of the embroidery. There are actually 10 embroidery blocks - these are a representative sample! All of the patterns came from urban threads! Sorry about the crappy lighting in the photo.