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Nick Nack Paddywack, 9 Days Off!

Looking down the barrel of nine days of freedom! I can't remember the last time (possibly, the answer is never) that I took time off work that didn't involve either having visitors or leaving town. I'm really looking forward to this whole stay-cation thing! I plan to have lunch with friends a few times, and do lots of reading and sewing!


The first part of the week, I am going to dedicate to finishing up some WIPs! I've finished all of the blocks for my Halloween quilt, so I am going to sash them and finish the top. I am planning on doing a pieced back to the quilt, so I have to get that put together, and then I'll be able to baste the three layers together and machine quilt it. That is several hours worth of work, so it will be the primary project!



Not the greatest picture, but it shows the general layout of the blocks! I hope to have this one bound and finished by the end of the week! If I get it done, I will treat you to some outdoor quilt pics!


I am also planning to finish a Christmas present for my FIL, which is a lovely, soft flannel quilt backed in fleece. It's a very simple patchwork quilt made of 5 inch squares in blue, gray and black plaids. It's going to be soooo warm and cozy, and he will love it! Since his 80th birthday, it seems like he is always cold, so I thought he would enjoy something to wrap up in to watch television!


The last WIP I want to finish is Caitlyn's Pegasus pillow cover, to match the dragon pillow I previously embroidered for her. It has tons and tons of satin stitching, so it is really kind of a pain to stitch, actually! I think I might binge watch Outlander, so it seems like it would be a good project while I watch. I'm also trying to pick an audiobook to listen to while I quilt. I am almost done with my current book - only 2 hours left - so I need to come up with something good!


Well, that's my plan for this crafting/reading vacation! I'll try to post some pictures every day to keep you posted on my progress!