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A Well Needed Vacation!

Great news for Moonlight Reader! I am taking next week off work - I need some time away to get my head together!


My husband will be off with "the boys" from Sunday through Wednesday evening, my daughter is off to visit her boyfriend from Friday through Wednesday, so it will just be me and my son, who will be working music camp during the days.


I have big plans for those four days of silence and peace. I've got a couple of fabric orders coming, and I will be organizing them and starting a couple of fun new projects. I've got at least 3 WIPs that I plan to finish: my Halloween quilt, a flannel quilt for my father-in-law that will be a Christmas present, and an embroidered pillow for my daughter.


I should also have some good opportunities for reading, so I'll get caught up on the Alexander Humboldt RAL, and make a final push for the waning days of Booklikes-opoly! I should be able to be around a bit, posting some pics and reviews and the like!


I'll leave you with this picture, which is one of the projects I will be starting. I'm going to make a small version as a Christmas gift for my SIL. She's a big fan of dogs!


Image result for dogs in sweaters quilt