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Booklikes-opoly Roll 11

This turned out to be such a complicated roll, I thought it demanded it's own post!


I finished my book for Frontierland 1 yesterday, but couldn't roll again until today!


My first roll was doubles 6:


Which put me on square 12 - a BL square. I rolled a 12 sided die and it came up 12.



Which called for me to use the wheel decide to move to a different land:



And I spun all the way around the board to Tomorrowland. I decided to land myself on Tomorrowland 34, since I literally just commented on one of OB's reviews that I was interested in reading something by Sarah Dessen book & that square calls for a YA/MG book.


Next, I rolled again for my doubles roll:



Which sent me to Electric Company: read a book where the MC is in STEM (science, technology, engineering or medicine, or where the authors first & last name contain all of the letters in TESLA.


Wouldn't it have been hilarious if I had rolled a 4, and ended up back on Frontierland 1?