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The Shadow Land - Elizabeth Kostova

I'm calling it a day on this one, & I've now concluded that Elizabeth Kostava is not for me (although I actually own her one other book - The Swan Thieves - that I've not read). 


So, DNF.


While I struggled with The Historian, I really liked Kostova's writing style and her skill with setting and history. I have decided, though, that she's just too slow-moving and navel-gazing EVEN FOR ME - and ya'll know that I love long, character driven books. 


On the plus side, she set this book in Bulgaria, a country I knew little about before reading. It sounds like an amazing country, and it has now been added to my very long list of "places I want to go." She is great with setting! I wish I liked it more.


I received a free copy of the book from Netgalley.