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Lawyer, mother, avid reader. Game host extraordinaire! Partner in crime to Obsidian Black Plague! My bookish weaknesses include classics, fantasy, YA, and agreeing to read more books than is even remotely possible.

Game Play Update: 7/6/17


Bank: $141.00


Roll 28


I am still reading Empire Grill, although I finished The Invisible Library, which is 328 pages and is therefore worth $6.00! I will be rolling from Main Street #10.


I rolled an 8:



Which puts me on Carsland 18: Read a book that was published in 2006, 2011, 2013 & 2014 or which has a car on the cover.


Since I enjoyed The Eyre Affair so much, and since the next Thursday Next book also has a car on the cover:



I'm about 90% sure that will be my choice!




Roll 27


I finished The Last Detective for $6.00 and took my first Free Friday read of The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde, also for $6.00. I also took the time to update my player bank post int the discussion group, & now it's time to roll again!



A roll of 6 puts me on Frontierland #4, which calls for either a book where someone travels by boat, or where the letters in the title can be used to spell the word "RIVER." Time to go looking for something to read . . . 


I selected The Invisible Library by Genevieve Cogman, which has the letters to spell RIVER in the title!



Roll 26


I finished The Silence in Hanover Close, which was a pretty good installment in the Thomas and Charlotte Pitt series. It took place over Christmas and had some nice Victorian holiday touches. Anne Perry writes the most abrupt endings, though! She will literally wrap up a book in one paragraph. It's always a bit disappointing, and this book was not an exception to that issue. At 384 pages, the book is worth $6.00!


I rolled a 7, which puts me on Space 35: Read a book tagged police procedural or detective, or that has a MC who is a police detective.



I've been interested in the Peter Diamond series by Peter Lovesey, so I am going to give the The Last Detective a try for this square!





Roll 25


Well, it's been 20 days since I rolled, and I've still not finished In Siberia, which is what happens when I read non-fiction. I'm moving on without the $3.00 and rolling right now!



I rolled a 5, which puts me on Paradise Pier #28 - read a book set during Victoria's reign or that is tagged "steampunk". I've had miserable luck with steampunk lately, so I think I will find a book set between 1837 and 1901 to fulfill this square!




I finished my Roll 21 audiobook - Triptych by Karin Slaughter, for $3.00!


Roll 24:


Welp, my roll 23 book, Grange House, was a total shit fest. I skipped about 30% of it, but the total pages were 384, so I easily read more than 201 pages to take the $3.00 reward. Least enjoyable $3.00 I've earned yet! I rolled a 5 to leave this square, which puts me on Adventureland 24 - read a book set in Africa or Asia or that has an exotic animal on the cover.



Right now I'm reading a Joanna Brady mystery to get the Grange House taste out of my mouth. I'll start looking for something to fill this square tonight!


Page break - the rest of the rolls are after the cut!




Roll 23:


I finished both of my books for the last roll: Detective Inspector Huss was 385 pages, and was worth $3.00, and A Caribbean Mystery was 221 pages, and is also worth $3.00, so I'm up to $111.00.



Roll 23 puts me on Haunted Mansion #19, Read a book tagged gothic or horror, or that is a ghost story. I'm not sure which of my collection of gothic romance I'll read for this square, but I'll find something!




Roll 22:


I've made it through half of The Mists of Avalon in audio, and I've totally lost interest. I am therefore claiming $5.00 for getting past the half-way point (total number of pages is 876, I am well into Part 4 of 6, so I'm at least at page 450. Since 401 is the cut-off point for the $5.00 reward, I'm going with that and DNF'ing.


I've decided to start Triptych by Karin Slaughter as my new audiobook, so I'll be listening to that one for Roll 21 - the MC, Will Trent, is a detective with the GBI or Georgia Bureau of Investigation.


That means that I can roll and move on today!


Roll 22a is a doubles 5!



This puts me on Mystery 8: Read a book that is tagged "mystery" or where the title starts with any letter in the word CLUE, and allows me to roll again. I've got a wide variety of mysteries to select from, and will make a game time decision this evening.


Which puts me on RR 14: Read a book that involves overseas travel or that has a suitcase on the cover. For this one, I will likely read A Caribbean Mystery, in which Miss Marple goes on vacation to ruminate on the deficiencies of the way that the non-English conduct themselves.

Roll 21


Rolls 19 & 20 had their own Memorial Day Post. I was sitting on Paradise Pier #28 & rolled:



Which put me on ? #35: Read a book tagged police procedural or detective on GR, or which has an MC who is a police detective.


This is very convenient, because I am embarking on summertime crime fest, and have a whole list of potential choices! I am leaning towards Knots and Crosses, which is the first of the Inspector Rebus mysteries by Ian Rankin. 




Roll 18:


I finished Partners in Crime, by J.A. Jance, for my Paradise Pier 31 book, so I'm ready to roll again! The book was 400 pages, which is worth $3.00, so my bank balance stands at $86.00.


Roll 18.1 is a doubles, and puts me on the Start square, which is a free book square! Second roll is:


Which is another doubles, which puts me on square 8: Read a book tagged mystery or that has a title that begins with any letter in CLUE. Third roll is:


Which puts me on BL 12! I rolled one 12 sided die and ended up with: 


Which tells me to let a BL friend pick my next book! New post forthcoming!



Roll 17


Another 6! This roll takes me to the Toy Story Midway (Paradise Pier 31), which calls for a book that involves a carnival or a book where the title begins with a letter in PIXAR.



Roll 16


I am back to work tomorrow, because it is Monday, so I am going to go ahead & roll now, but not start my book until my timeout is officially over. I rolled a 6!



This puts me on Adventureland 26: Join Indiana Jones on an adventure! Read a book tagged genre adventure or thriller!


Finished The Likeness by Tana French, which was tagged thriller by 254 users. That one is 466 pages long, which is worth $5.00, so I now have $83.00! On to the next roll!



Roll 15



Well, I finished Mississippi Blood, which ends the Natchez Burning trilogy. It was 704 pages, which is worth 5.00, so my bank is now at $83.00.


My next roll put me on the BL square 20. I rolled a four, which puts me in time-out for two days! Sad face! I'll be back on Monday to roll again!



Roll 14



I finished The Bone Tree, which is 804 pages, and nets me a whopping $10.00, so my bank is $78.00.


My roll of six puts me on Mainstreet 13 - read a book about an American lawyer or politician - which is incredibly lucky, because that means I can read the third and last of the Natchez Burning trilogy, Mississippi Blood. The MC is the Mayor of Natchez (a politician) and a lawyer.


Roll 13



This roll puts me on square 8 - Read a book that is tagged mystery or that has a title that starts with any letter in CLUE. I am so glad I landed on this one, because I bought The Bone Tree, the second book in the Natchez Burning trilogy, which is tagged mystery by 92 users!


Roll 12:


This was a complicated doubles roll which landed me first on Tomorrowland 34. I read Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen for this one, which is 417 pages, and is worth $5.00.


The second part of the roll landed me on Electric Company. I read A Monstrous Regiment of Women by Laurie R. King, which is 303 pages long, and is worth $3.00. 


This leaves my bank at $68.00!


Roll 11




This roll puts me on Frontierland 1 - Read a book that with a title that start with any letter in FRONTIER, or that is tagged with the genre "western."


Not sure what I'll read yet!


Update: I read The Murder of Mary Russell for this square - the first word of the title (The) starts with the letter "T". It's 384 pages long, so I got $3.00 for this one, putting my bank at $60.00. I can't roll again until tomorrow!


Readathon Rolls 7, 8, 9 & 10


It's been quite some time since I updated! I've been finishing up my extra readathon rolls, and at this point, I've decided to just move on, even though I've not read for all of the squares! So, here we go (the full explanation of my extra rolls can be found here):


For RR/New Orleans Station #14, a book that involves overseas travel, I read East of the Sun by Julia Gregson. The main characters travel by steamer from England to India as part of the "Fishing Fleet." This one is 609 pages, so I netted $5.00 for that read!


For Carsland #18, I read Natchez Burning by Greg Iles, which was published in 2014. This one definitely qualifies as a tome - it's 865 pages long, so it's worth a whopping $10.00.


For Adventureland #24, I read The Shadow of the Nile by Kate Furnival, which is set at least partially in Egypt in North Africa. This one would also have worked for New Orleans Square #14, as the characters travel overseas. It was the weakest of the three books, and was also the shortest, at 448 pages, although it was still worth $5.00!


I am sitting on Tomorrowland 34 right now, but I'm skipping that read and rolling again!


So, that's $20.00, which puts my bank at $57.00!



Roll 6


4/26/17: I finished Frontierland 2 and added $3.00 to my bank!



My next roll of 7 puts me on Fantasyland 9 - Read a book that is tagged genre fantasy or fairy tale on GR. I have a lot of books that will qualify, but think that I will read Within the Sanctuary of Wings by Marie Brennan, the 5th, and final, book in the Memoirs of Lady Trent series!


Roll 5


4/24/17: I finished Cardington Crescent, which nets me another $3.00 for a total of $34.00 in my bank! I'm also using the audiobook rule to move on while I continue to listen to The Mists of Avalon for Tomorrowland 33 (this one will be worth a whole ten bucks when I finish it). My next roll:



Which puts me on the Shooting Gallery in Frontierland - read a book with a main character who knows how to handle a gun, or where someone gets shot! For this one, I will read A Superior Death by Nevada Barr, second installment in the Anna Pigeon series. Anna is a Park Ranger, and definitely knows how to handle a gun.


Roll 4


4/22/17: I finished The Cornish Coast Murder, and added $3.00 to my bank! Since I haven't rolled since the 19th, in accordance with the modified rules, I rolled:





which puts me on Paradise Pier 28 - Read a book set during Victoria's reign (1837-1901) or tagged steampunk on GR. For this one, I will read Cardington Crescent, by Anne Perry, which is set during Victoria's reign.


This is also a doubles, so I get to roll again!



which puts me on Tomorrowland 33 - Take the Star Tours! Read a book set in space or tagged science fiction on GR, or a book that includes robots or cyborgs. For this one I'm considering To Say Nothing of the Dog, which is tagged science fiction on GR. Another alternative is the first book of the Vorkosigan Saga by Lois McMaster Bujold.


Edit: I've decided to listen to The Mists of Avalon for this one - the audiobook is 40 hours long, so that one will take me a while, & will be worth $10.00 when I finish it! It is tagged "science fiction fantasy" on the book page on GR!


4/21/17: Unfortunately, I am not even close to finishing The Cornish Coast Murder,so I am going to lose out on the roll! I should be ready to roll early on Sunday!


Roll 3


4/19/17: Like MBD, I've been so busy I haven't finished my book! I will be rolling again on Friday the 21st!


Update - I managed to finish my book with 2 hours 15 min. to spare, so I grabbed a roll! The Sanctuary Sparrow was 296 pages long, so I added $3.00 to my bank!



Even though the timestamp says 4/20, it is 9:43 on the 19th where I am, so it is still "roll day!" The roll  of 5 puts me on Haunted Mansion 21: Read a book set on an island or with the ocean on the cover. I decided to read The Cornish Coast murder, because it has the ocean on the cover!

The Cornish Coast Murder - John Bude


Roll 2



4/1717: Woohoo, it's roll day! I rolled 5 & 2, which takes me to square 17: Read a book that is tagged cozy mystery or that is part of a series listed on a cozy mystery listopia. 


I am going to read The Sanctuary Sparrow by Ellis Peters, which is part of The Brother Cadfael series, #20 on the cozy mystery listopia.


Roll 1


4/14/17: I rolled an 11, which puts me on Main Street #10: Read a book set in a small town in the USA.


I finished Paradise Lost by J.A. Jance, which is set in small town Arizona. It is 432 pages, which nets me $5.00, so my bank stands at $23.00.