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Meh - obvious Stephanie Plum fan fiction

No Such Thing as a Secret: A Brandy Alexander Mystery (No Such Thing As...A Brandy Alexander Mystery) - Shelly Fredman

I used to read Stephanie Plum until I lost patience with the series - the humor lost its charm and began to just irritate me, and the eternal love triangle between Joe, Ranger & Stephanie, along with the constant references to blood rushing to Stephanie's girl parts just lost me.


Brandy Alexander is pretty much the exact same set up. Brandy is a broke "reporter" rather than a broke "bounty hunter." Bobby is Brandy's high school sweetheart, the hot cop who broke her heart, and is Joe Morelli's alter ego. Nick Santiago is Fredman's answer to Ranger. The Philadelphia setting is an echo of Evanovich's blue-collar Jersey. It has everything that Stephanie Plum has, except for Grandma Mazur (and Grandma Mazur is basically the best part of the Plum series).


Honestly, this book walks right up to, and may in fact cross, the line of plagiarism. 


If I'd never read Stephanie Plum, maybe I would find this book funny. Since I've read Stephanie Plum it feels stale. It also feels like theft. I'm honestly not even sure how to rate it because of this element.