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A Brief Vacation with JA Jance


I am not a fan of hot weather. Several years ago my parents took leave of their senses and moved to Arizona as snowbirds, so I am occasionally compelled to visit the Southwest, which is not my favorite place in the world (no offense intended to my bookish friend Linda Hilton). But, if one is forced to go to Arizona, February is a good time to go.


I paid them a visit over the weekend - we went on a little overnight trip from Phoenix to Tombstone, and then stopped at the Mission San Xavier del Bac, which is considered one of the premier examples of Spanish Colonial architecture in the United States. The collage above has images from both places. Many of you may already know that I am a huge fan of Willa Cather, so seeing the Mission was like stepping into the pages of one her last and greatest novels, Death Comes for the Archbishop.


I also started reading the Joanna Brady series by J.A. Jance, which are set in Cochise County. Not great literature, they are an eminently readable series of books with a strong Southwestern flair. I read four of them in a binge, and started the fifth. My dad had been addicted to them for a while, so I think I already have 12 of them on our shared kindle account.


I'm back in the windy, rainy PNW now, and the sun is just coming up. It looks like I brought the dry weather with me, for at least today!