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Trade Wind - M.M. Kaye

‘Blackguards? What sort of blackguards?’ enquired Hero, intrigued. ‘Adventurers. Black sheep. Runagates. Varmints like “Roaring Rory”.’ ‘Who is he? – a pirate? He certainly should be with a name like that!"


I am reading this on my kindle, and I suspect it will end up qualifying for the "rogue" square.


Like many books of this vintage, there are colonial aspects to it that have not worn well. I like Hero, though she definitely exemplifies the "white savior" narrative. On the other hand, her ostensible "love interest" at this point, Clayton, is just a douche.


"He did not let this worry him unduly, for there was, after all plenty of time. And with a girl of Hero’s temperament he knew that he would get there a deal faster by moving slowly. Once they were safely married, things would be very different."