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The Girl Before: A Novel - JP Delaney



“Were Emma and you lovers?”

“Does it make a difference?”

“No,” I say. Of course I mean yes.

“We had a brief affair,” he says at last. “It was over long before she died.”

“Was it…” I don’t know how to ask this. “Was it like this?”

He comes very close to me, holding my head in both hands, fixing me with his gaze. “Listen to me, Jane. Emma was a fascinating person,” he says gently. “But she’s in the past now. What’s happening right now, with us—this is perfect. We don’t need to talk about her again.”






I am struggling with this book. I initially liked it a lot, but it has grown tedious, and Edward is a freaking psychopath and I can't believe that Emma/Jane are so stupid that they can't figure it out. I want to shake them and yell at them to run.


You know that commercial, where the four teenagers are fleeing from a psychopath, and one of them suggests hiding behind the chainsaws? Yeah, that's this book.