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Winner of Halloween Bingo 2016 Blackout Bingo!

1. Chris' Fish Place (1)

2. BrokenTune (2)

3. Witches' Brew and Books (3)

4. Murder by Death (4)

5. Portable Monsters (5)

6. Libromancer's Apprentice (6)

7. Themis-Athena's Garden (7)

8. Lilelara (8)

9. Rane Aria (9)

10. Isanythingopen (10)

11.  Hooked on Books (11)

12. Ani's Book Abyss (12)

13. Lora's Rants and Reviews (13)

14. Jennifer's BOOoooOOOOks (14)

15. Tannat (15)


This is everyone who we have playing for the blackout bingo card!



And the winner is!!! Chris' Fish Place! Chris please message me so that I can send you off your prize!


Once again thanks to everyone who has played! You have made this a lot of fun!


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