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Another idea for an extended buddy read

The Crystal Cave - Mary Stewart The Hollow Hills - Mary Stewart

I've noticed a lot of members talking about this series, and either mentioning how much they loved it, or that it has been on their to-be-read list for ages.


I don't think we should try to shoehorn this into October, but once Halloween bingo is over, perhaps an extended buddy read of this series would be fun. The series is:


The Crystal Cave (published 1970)

The Hollow Hills (published 1973)

The Last Enchantment (published 1979)

The Wicked Day (published 1981)

The Prince and the Pilgrim (published 1995)


I have definitely read the first three - I reread The Crystal Cave & The Hollow Hills a few years ago when amazon was selling what might have been an unauthorized version of the first two books under the title Legacy. I did not read past that point. I definitely read The Last Enchantment when it was published, but I don't think I ever read The Wicked Day, and I definitely have not read the most recent book, which was a bit of an afterthought.




The first three books of the series are available on kindle in the U.S. for 4.89 each. All five of the books are in print and available on amazon. I'm not sure what kind of library availability the books would have, but they were incredibly popular when they were originally published. You might be able to locate copies at your local UBS. For the non-US readers, it looks like Book Depository has them in stock!


I think my beginning proposal would be to plan to read the first three books, and to decide at that point if we want to go onto the fourth. From what I can tell, first three books are what is considered to be her "Merlin trilogy," with the five books together making up the "Arthurian Saga." Each book is around 500 pages long.


I would propose that we start November 1, to give everyone a chance to collect the books. That's after the end of Halloween bingo, so it gives us something to look forward to once the big Halloween party is over! I was thinking 2 weeks per book, but don't know if that's long enough! Let me know what you think in the comments.


Let's use the tag: merlin trilogy buddy read for this one! Who's up?