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JOINT POST: OBD & MR talk Bingo Favorites

The Graveyard Book - Neil Gaiman Libriomancer - Jim C. Hines

Obsidian Black Death and I are both past the mid-point of our bingo cards, so we thought it would be fun to do a bit of a retrospective about the books we've read so far. We're starting with our favorite reads of the game!





I think my favorite book so far is hands down “The Graveyard Book” by Neil Gaiman. He hit it out of the park with that one. Maybe because my book came with illustrations that added to the overall story, and the writing at times transported me along with Nobody (Bod) Owens as he explored the graveyard with his parents, guardian, and friends.

This book has an awesome hero (Bod) with flaws and some many interesting secondary characters, I think Gaiman could have spun this book off if he really wanted to in order to follow the adventures of the Graveyard, Bod, or Silas. Heck, I am still hoping for a sequel one day. Or at least for someone from those books to pop into Gaiman’s other works.

Besides Bod, my next favorite characters were Miss Lupescu and Silas. It took me a little longer than I like, but I finally clued into what exactly Silas was and why he was watching over the graveyard as well.

“You're alive, Bod. That means you have infinite potential. You can do anything, make anything, dream anything. If you can change the world, the world will change. Potential. Once you're dead, it's gone. Over. You've made what you've made, dreamed your dream, written your name. You may be buried here, you may even walk. But that potential is finished.”

I read this for the Grave or Graveyard square, but it would also fit the Genre: Horror, Supernatural, Full Moon, and Young Adult Horror squares as well.




Truth be told, The Graveyard Book was one of my favorites, as well. In addition to that one, though - since I can't pick the same one as OBD, I really, really loved Libriomancer by Jim Hines.


I thought the magical system in this book was terrific, and Hines really used it to its full potential. His references to books, and the way that they created magic and altered the mythology in a way that actually affected manifestations was elegant and fascinating. His wry humor, especially about vampires and the Twilight phenomenon made me laugh.


Plus, I can't forget Smudge. I am no spider fan, but he was an awesome contribution to the story. That's the other great thing about this book - without it, I would've struggled with finding a book to fill the creepy-crawlie square!


Which one is your favorite so far?