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Gothic romance read along



Linda Hilton started up a new group (today) with the best name ever, Mansions, Moonlight and Menace, to focus on gothic romance. I've been reading a lot of gothic romance recently, so I jumped right in, along with BrokenTune, Lillelara and Ani's Book Abyss.


Since Ammie, Come Home was such a resounding success as a buddy read, we were thinking of doing another buddy read along the same lines. We were thinking Jamaica Inn by Daphne Du Maurier. This post is to gauge interest.


Plot summary: 


From Daphne du Maurier—the beloved author of the timeless classic Rebecca—comes this haunting novel of secrets and suspense

The coachman tried to warn young Mary Yellan away from the ruined, forbidding place on the rainswept Cornish coast. But Mary chose instead to honor her mother's dying request that she join her frightened Aunt Patience and foreboding Uncle Joss Merlyn at Jamaica Inn. From her first glimpse on that raw November eve, she could sense the inn's dark power.

Mary never imagined that she would become hopelessly ensnared in the vile, villainous schemes being hatched within its crumbling walls—or that she would fall in love with a handsome, enigmatic stranger. But what secrets is he hiding from her—and can she really trust him?

Jamaica Inn is a riveting, classic novel of romantic suspense only the brilliant mind of Daphne du Maurier could conceive.


Is anyone interested in reading with us? We'd start some time in October.


Also, I'm signal boosting Linda's group, because I think it will be a lot of fun! Join here!