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Soup Party!

I am basically a soup party failure! I totally forgot to take any pictures until after everyone had eaten the soup and bread. I had to photograph my left-overs! The horror! It doesn't look very soupy because it has been in the fridge a while, and the broth has sort of absorbed into the pasta & beans. 



Basically, this is a really simple soup with white beans, smoked sausage, potatoes and some orzo pasta, with a chicken broth base. It turned out well, but, my daughter is still home from college, so I didn't make it the way that I would ordinarily make it. She doesn't eat red meet, so I am stuck using smoked turkey sausage when she is around, and I bought a new brand that was on sale that I will not buy again. It just wasn't very flavorful. She also refuses to eat soup with greens in it.


Once she goes back to college, I will use andouille sausage and I'll add spinach or chard for some green. I added quite a lot of cracked black pepper to this soup, which added a nice heat to the soup.


Anyway, it was really good, although it was very basic!