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Sunday Soup #1

The official "soup party" doesn't happen until the 22nd, but I bought a new cookbook in preparation for soup season, so I decided to try it out.




The first recipe I tried was chicken chowder, which is assigned to October 4! This particular cookbook has a rather unique format - each day is assigned a specific dish. It looks like Williams-Sonoma made some effort to correlate soup and season, as well.



The soup turned out really well, and everyone devoured it. My daughter doesn't eat beef or pork, so the rest of us put bacon on top as a delicious crispy garnish. The vegetables were initially sauteed in the bacon grease, which added a smoky flavor to the overall dish. The recipe called for Yukon Gold potatoes rather than the more starchy russets, and I think that the creaminess of that particular root vegetable added some nice texture. It also called for peeling them, but I just gave them a good scrub and diced them without peeling, which saved time and didn't affect either flavor or texture. I also threw a can of jalapeno corn into the soup at the last minute because my son loves corn and I was hoping to distract him from the celery and carrots. It worked a treat.


I had a bag of Rhodes rolls in my freezer, so I pulled those out this morning and let them rise. They'd been in there a while, so I was a bit concerned about the yeast, and one of them actually did fail to rise. The rest of them were terrific, though, and made a nice accompaniment to the soup!


Unfortunately, we ate so much of it that I only ended up with one bowlful to take for my lunch this week. Sad face. I really need to figure out how to photograph food - I see all of those food blogs with their delicious food pictures, and mine just turn out, well, not so appetizing.