Maplecroft - Cherie Priest

What did I just read?


I sort of liked this book. I love historical fiction & the setting of this one, 1890's Massachusetts, was pleasing. I enjoyed the epistolary format as well, with the different voices of the various characters.


But, on the other hand, I don't really get it. Maybe because I've never read Lovecraft, and this is supposed to be Lovecraftian mythology (Chthulhu, I think).


The ending was the biggest disappointment for me. I really didn't understand the resolution at all. I know there is a sequel, but it looks like it takes place in a completely different location and is thirty years later (Lizzie is 60). I'm sort of interested in it, just because a bad ass sixty-year old axe wielding heroine sounds engaging.


But this ending. What?


Page 261:


Whether that embarrasses you or not, you’d be foolish to deny that my sociable nature is useful. Should you think otherwise, then I offer you a small tidbit for future thought: Ask your Boston investigator what he makes of the tentacles.




Page 167:


I started this book a few nights ago, got sidetracked finishing Jane Eyre, and then decided to try to finish it off this afternoon.


Lucky for me, I'm sitting outside on a beautiful autumn day. It is bright and sunshiny. Because this book is terrifying.


Also, it's super gross.


It's set in Fall River, Massachusetts, so I'm planning on using it for: