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Stylistically irritating

Zero Day - David Baldacci

I needed a "title starting with z" for an ongoing reading challenge. When I searched my kindle library, I had two choices, this one and another similar thriller. I picked this one.


I remember now why I don't read this type of book. Because of shit like this:


The cat was old and fat and apparently unaware of its owner’s medical distress. Puller made sure the food and water pails were full and the litterbox clean. He found the office key, locked the door behind him, and went to get breakfast. He was suddenly hungry. And right now food would have to suffice.


Seriously - "[h]e was suddenly hungry. And right now food would have to suffice." What the fuck does that even mean? When one is hungry, one eats food. Unless, of course, this is a clumsy allusion to the fact that the MC is horny. But given that he has just saved the life of an elderly, overweight toothless hillbilly who was having a myocardial infarction, and then cleaned out a catbox, two actions that are the furthest thing from aphrodisiac, I'm not sure why he would be horny. Unless he has some sort of crazy fetish, and if that's the case, I'd really rather not know. Thanks but no thanks, there.


And then, there's this:


This pair didn’t look any friendlier than the ones had yesterday. That didn’t bother Puller. He hadn’t come here to make buddies with anybody. He nodded at the two but then glanced at Cole. It was her show to run right now, not his.


Really, Baldacci, the flagrant and unnecessary stoically self-conscious bad-assery is just annoying. No one who isn't a total douchebag has this kind of an internal monologue. Period.


I'll struggle through, and at least it is a fast read, but this is really pretty terrible.