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The Redbreast by Jo Nesbo

The Redbreast: A Harry Hole thriller (Oslo Sequence 1) - Don Bartlett, Jo Nesbo



I waffled between 3 & 4 stars for this book. I liked it, but I can't say that I loved it. Perhaps because the book is 16 years old at this point, and I've read a lot of Nordic Noir in those intervening years, it doesn't feel particularly groundbreaking to me. This is potentially unfair, because I can't unread those other books, and I can't go back in time to see what this book would've been like had I read it when it was published.

But, the main thing is that I hate the trope that was the center of these murders. Hate it.


[There are many thousands more books about murderers with MPD than there are people who actually suffer from MPD. And, crime novelists notwithstanding, MPD is not synonymous with schizophrenia - there are many millions of people who are diagnosed with schizophrenia who are not MPD. MPD is very rare and is overused in crime novels.]

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So, when we get to the end, and that is the explanation behind it all, I was actually sort of annoyed.


I didn't mind at all when that asshole Undersecretary had a giant hole blown into his chest, though. So, there's that.


Also, there is a major plot thread left dangling that obviously needs to be pulled and then wrapped around the neck of one of the characters. So, sigh, I am obviously going to need to read the next one in the sequence.


Page 332:


Shit just got real. I'm riveted now.


Page 224:


This is my first Jo Nesbo. I've had it on my kindle forever - my mom is a huge fan of Nordic Noir and she bought it at some point in the far distant past. I went through a NN phase and devoured a bunch of authors, but skipped over Nesbo - I think Henning Mankell is my favorite.


This book is good, but it is a bit of a struggle with the split narrative between Harry Hole in the present and the timeline in 1944. I like the modern timeline, but I'm irritated by the historical timeline.


I'm sure that they will merge at some point. Waiting, reading.


I'm either not going to use this for Halloween bingo, or I'm going to put it in the free square. I haven't entirely decided yet.


I'm going to use this one for my free square!