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Updates: The Historian

The Historian - Elizabeth Kostova

Page 480


All right, I've made some substantial progress here, although I am still more than 200 pages from the end!


I'm expecting that this will end up a three star book at this point - I plan to finish it tonight. The primary issue with The Historian is that it is just far too long, frankly, and there isn't enough story here to sustain a book of this length. It has gone from leisurely to plodding. I am hopeful that it will end with a bang, and that might warrant an addition 1/2 star, but I'm thinking that, given the pace, it is unlikely to get to the four-star mark.


More later!


Page 275


I am still reading this one! I do like it but I can really on read it for an hour or so at a time. It is quite dense, and there is simultaneously a lot to keep track of, but not very much action, if that makes sense! The main characters have been all over Europe in the first 1/3 of the book!


Page 112


I'm still really enjoying this. Vlad the Impaler sounds like an entirely horrible, and not even remotely sexy, man. No sparkle here.


Page 64


So, who is this Elizabeth Kostova person? Because I am convinced at this point that she wrote this book specifically for me.


Lots of description of gorgeous European cities and delicious food? Check. A blending of history and myth? Check? A huge tale, richly and complexly told? Check. Oxford, England; Ragusa, Italy; Vienna, Austria; Amsterdam, the Netherlands, the Carpathians, the Pyrenees and the Alps? Check.


I'm in heaven here.


Page 10:


I'm planning on this one for the supernatural square, although it might also fit into mystery. I can't finish it until Monday, because it is planned for a challenge over on GR, so it'll be a leisurely pace through this 700+ page novel!


Love the set up, though!