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Enjoyable Sci-Fi

The Fold: A Novel - Peter Clines

For my vacation, I was tasked with selecting an audiobook for our drive over to the beach. I'd previously read 14 by this author, had heard good things about The Fold, and figured that this one wouldn't have awkward smex moments, since there would be 4 of us listening - me, husband, 20 year old daughter & 16 year old son.



Just for fun, here is a pic of our destination:



Anyway, I picked this book, which ended up being a companion (not a sequel) to 14, although it doesn't become clear that it is a companion to 14 for a while. 


Strengths: engaging story line maintained my interest. Only one spot where I had to fast forward to avoid the four of us being forced to sit through a sex scene that no one really wanted to hear. 


Weaknesses: honestly, Mike was too much. A genius with an eidetic memory who was nicknamed Mycroft (after Mycroft Holmes) by his childhood friend (which is funny, because my childhood friends came up with entirely non-literary nicknames), he was simply preposterously impossibly brilliant.


But, in the end, none of that mattered because this book was fun.