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Ammie Come Home: Finished reading!

Ammie, Come Home - Barbara Michaels

Page 340


And, I'm done!


Well played, Ms. Michaels. Just the right level of creep, and she did manage to redeem the irredeemable Patrick in the end (although I still don't like the way he treats his dog). I can't say I'd go out on a date with him, but I didn't find him entirely vile, either!


Page 271


WTH is going on with Bruce and Pat?


Bruce’s response alarmed her more than the sounds. He made a convulsive movement with the flashlight in his right hand. The footsteps were on the stairs now. Before Ruth had time to be frightened Pat’s familiar form came into view.
“I thought you’d still be here,” he said. “Wait till you hear—”
“I told you not to come to the house,” Bruce said shrilly.
“I finished early.” Pat raised his eyebrows and sat down unceremoniously on the bottom step. “What are you all doing down here?”
“Bruce found another part of the cellar,” Sara explained. “There’s a door, all blocked up, behind the furnace.”
“Really?” Pat’s eyebrows shot up to his hairline. He stood up and wandered over to investigate the discovery, and Ruth felt her neck prickle, for as the older man passed him, Bruce made another of those abortive, violent gestures.


Page 197


Not sure how the author is going to redeem the loathsome Pat, because he's mean to his dog and


MBD is right. He either doesn't understand the concept of foreplay at all or he just near-raped Ruth. Neither of which is very appealing.

(show spoiler)


I do not like him. Not at all. 



Page 159:


I am well and truly creeped out right now. Just finished Chapter 5, and I'm thinking I will take a break 'til tomorrow.


I could totally read this entire book tonight!


Page 130:


OK, things just got creepy af, as my 16 year old son would say, and Bruce and Pat decided to have a slumber party.


I hate the name Pat. I think it is my throwback distaste for the old SNL skit. I'd like the character a lot more if he was called Patrick.


No one named Pat has even a modicum of sex appeal.


Page 52:


I'm picturing Bruce looking just like Tom Mison as "The Peacock" from the BBC adaptation of Christie's Third Girl!


"His clothes were almost, but never quite, too, too much; an occasional ruffle on a shirt, or a flowery waistcoat, or a pair of trousers that fitted his lean hips and long legs almost, but not quite, too tightly."


All right - I'm through Chapter 3!


Image result for agatha christie poirot tom mison



Page 29:


I'm at 9% - really good beginning, I think. Some good description to set the scene, nice characterization of Ruth, Sara & McDougal. 


And then this:


“It must have been the missing cat, then,” Sara said calmly. “I didn’t absolutely catch the name, but it surely wasn’t Wolfgang etcetera. It was Sammie, or something like that. ‘Come home, come home’—that’s what the voice kept saying—‘Sammie, come home.’”