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Passenger to Frankfurt - Agatha Christie

So, I'm looking for a book bust or bummer, and I think that this might just do the trick.


Let's start with the weird-ass Pocket Book cover, which has a pair of realistic looking feet which are entirely disembodied. Since Agatha generally eschewed chopping corpses into bits, I'm thinking that is just poor decision making.


However, there was this quote, which was simply spine-chillingly a propos given the current state of electoral politics in my home country, the good old U. S. of A.:


"There are people capable of communicating to others a wild enthusiasm, a kind of vision of life and of happening. They can do that though it is not really by what they say, it is not the words you hear, it is not even the idea described. It's something else. It's the magnetic power that very few men have of starting something, of producing and creating a vision. By their personal magnetism perhaps, a tone of voice, perhaps some emanation that comes forth straight from the flesh. I don't know, but it exists."


Which sees pretty crazy relevant right now.