Venetia - Georgette Heyer

I don't exactly know how it happened, but Krazykiwi and Murder By Death apparently roped Bookstooge into reading something which he refers to as a "lady romance." This makes me laugh out loud for many reasons.


Having said that, I'm pleased as punch that they convinced him to read a Heyer. I don't have a lot of illusions that he'll like it very much, but as far as romance goes, she's as good as it gets. I'm a bit of a Heyer fangirl, as many of my friends know - I've been doing a Heyer read for around 3 years now, and have read 12 of them in the last few years (Sourcebooks put Heyer's entire oevre on sale for $1.99 per book back in 2012 and I bought the bulk of them).


Lucky for me, Venetia is not one that I've previously read, so I'm ready to jump on in.