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Weekend update: Mary Russell and the Halloween quilt

I finished listening to The Monstrous Regiment of Women and started the audio of A Letter of Mary yesterday. Last weekend I did take my son to see Captain America: Civil War, which we enjoyed, but since neither of us have seen any of the prior Avengers or Captain America movies, it felt like we missed a lot!


I finished more of my embroidery for the Halloween quilt, and spent several hours today putting together six more blocks - I am now at the half-way point, since I need a total of 20 blocks (4 x 5), & I have completed 10!




Another log cabin block



a block made with fabric strips - it is less wonky than it looks because of the angle of the photograph!




Some grinning jack-o-lanterns



stacked pumpkins!


My pile of trimmings:



I also took some pictures of the mess after I finished! Cleaning up took several minutes of getting everything put back together.



Now, I am going to go read for a while!