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Moonlight Reader's Weekend Update

So, the pics are terrible quality, but I wanted to share here. I've been working on what I used to refer to as the "crap" room, to try to turn it into a useable sewing & quilting space. I snapped the pics with my iPhone & sent them to my gmail on the lowest quality setting, which is why they just aren't very good.


But, nonetheless, here is the before:



OMG, what a mess. We would basically open the door and toss shit inside. And, FYI, this was taken after about a week's worth of work, one full garbage can, and a trip to Goodwill. Yikes.


There is also a closet, which was stuffed full of crap. I'm not even going to show you that pic! 


And, ta da, the after:



There is still quite a lot of work to do! The walls are bare, & I want to cover them with pretty things, and that old office desk is going to go away. My husband has an Ikea table in his office, so we are going to swap them out, & I'm going to buy 3 of these at Ikea to replace the plastic drawers for fabric storage:



And this adorable little cart in teal, for my iron & other gear:



And we are going to be putting new flooring down on the entire upper floor at some point this year. For now, though, there are about ten steps before that can happen, so overall, I'm delighted with having a new, useable space to be creative! And I listened to most of Blue Lily, Lily Blue while I was working through this terrible task! 


Now, I am going to watch Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince with my son & stitch on a mother's day gift:



What a productive weekend!