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E for Exceeds Expectations

Shallow Graves - Kali Wallace

I am really pretty stunned by how much I enjoyed this book - a total sleeper hit as far as I am concerned. Not particularly ambitious, but very enjoyable.


Breezy Lin (horrible name) wakes up in a shallow grave one year after she has been murdered. She has no idea what is going on, and spends the book on a reverse Supernatural quest to figure stuff out.




She meets a nightmare. And a couple of ghouls. And a banshee. No dragons, though.


I didn’t ask. I couldn’t even get a handle on monsters in this world yet. Other realms were more than I was prepared to deal with.


Instead I said, “Dragons?”


“Dragons?” Rain repeated. I sighed. “This might all be worth it if dragons were real.”


The book unfolds as Breezy pieces together what happened to her. It's creepy and delicious.