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Struggling with decisions

This is really just one of those posts where I am talking to myself, trying to put my thoughts into order. I had planned on re-focusing my reading/blogging after the first of the year, but I've found myself really wondering where I want to head with all of my reading-related social media. I'm pretty fragmented, with a presence on GR, BL, Twitter (pretty minor presence on twitter) and my self-hosted wordpress blog. The one I am having the most trouble handling is the self-hosted blog.


I just really don't know what to do. I'm struggling with maintaining the blog, because dropping posts is more of a process and I feel like I need to engage my brain more extensively to write something worth posting over there. On the other hand, I enjoy engaging my brain (sometimes) so I don't want to give it up, in the hopes that I'll become more interested.


My social interaction, on the other hand, is much more present on BL or GR. I am very active in a group on GR that I don't want to give up. I like BL because of the friendliness and sociability of the readers over here.


I don't really like "reviewing" as I think of traditional reviewing. I like talking about books and exploring ideas about books. Writing up reviews, if anything, sort of bores me. BL is a place where I can do both, although it is oriented towards reviews. I could eliminate twitter, but the only thing I actually do over there is read other people's tweets, which is sort of fun and a time waster.


Ugh. Reader problems.