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Once Upon A Time

Bone Gap - Laura Ruby

There was a beautiful girl. She was the most beautiful girl in all of the land, and all of the boys loved her and wanted to possess her for themselves. At first she thought this was wonderful. And then, after many boys had asked her, angrily, "who do you think you are," when she did not love them back, she began to wish that someone would see her. Just see her, without being distracted by her beautiful face.


Once upon a time, there was a rich man. The richest man in all of the land. He desired the beautiful girl, and he wanted to give her everything. He took her. He built her a castle, and he brought her servants, and he gave her beautiful dresses. "Do you love me yet?" He would ask.


And her answer was no. Always no. And this was not a fairy tale. It was a Night mare.


Once upon a time, there was a boy. And he saw the girl, without being distracted by her beautiful face. And he loved her. He was the only one who knew that she had been stolen and he worked endlessly to find her. With his magic horse.


And they lived happily ever after, but not with each other. Because they were friends.


You should read this book.