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Back from vacation!


We rode almost all of the attractions (and all of the good ones)! We saw fireworks, watched Mickey and his magical map, & sang along with Olaf at the World of Colors Winter Dreams spectacular. We stood in line for 70 minutes to ride the roller coaster that goes upside down, laughed at Jack Skellington, Soared over California, were nearly hit by a train in Radiator Springs, watched two parades & saved a rebel spy from detection on Star Tours (twice).


We walked somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 miles. My feet and legs are still recovering - I hope to have the feeling back in all of my toes by Thanksgiving.


All in all, though, it was a fantastic trip!


Vacation hack tip of the day from Moonlight Reader: if you have Amazon Prime, ship a pantry box with bottled water and a few snacks to your hotel. I saved us over $100.00 by avoiding the need to buy water in the park at $3.50 a pop. It worked incredibly well - the box was waiting for us at the front desk at check in!


It's great to be home!