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I am a criminal mastermind, I am here to take down this regime

Winter - Marissa Meyer

I don't want to spoil this series or this book for anyone, so I'm not going to go into a lot of detail about the plot or the ending.


Winter is long. Probably too long, really, although there is a lot that happens throughout the course of this very carefully choreographed series finale. The characters are involved in a complicated dance of being brought together, then separated, then brought together again. There are four distinct pairings - Cinder+Kai, Wolf+Scarlet, Thorne+Cress, & Winter+Jacin. We also have Iko, as the odd android out, although in my mind at least, she ends up with a pairing of her own.


There are so many things about the series to love - the friendships that are forged that are just as important (if not more important) than the romances. The different ways in which all of the characters work together, with their strengths and their weaknesses, to move the rebellion forward. The ending, which is pitch perfect as far as I am concerned.



I don't know if there are plans to bring the Lunar Chronicles to the big screen, but this series would translate amazingly well to a film medium. There is gorgeous imagery, and wonderfully diverse characters, including Winter, who is described as being POC (princess of color) and a lot of humor.


There were some points where it reminded me a little too much of The Hunger Games, with the impoverishment and the exploitation of the outer sectors on Luna, and the obsession with glamour that was reminiscent of The Capitol. There are clear nods to Star Wars at various times, with our characters sneaking into the Lunar palace on a ship and taking over the central control, and, as well, with the coronation scene at the end. Carswell Thorne is an obvious ringer for Han Solo, and is probably my favorite character, although I ended up loving all of them. 


Is it perfect? No. Do I care? Not really. I loved every moment of it - even the ones that were probably unnecessary. And, at the end, I was sad to flip that last screen.