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Not Bosch, but still interesting

The Poet - Michael Connelly

A month or so ago, I snagged a couple of Harry Bosch audiobooks, The Black Echo and Black Ice. My husband & I decided to listen to Black Ice on the way to the beach. We didn't finish it, but I've been listening away on my own & expect to be done listening this week.


I read a fair few Harry Bosch crime thrillers about fifteen years ago, but in no particular order, and there is no way for me to reconstruct which ones I've already read. I was browsing for a new audiobook, & stumbled on a book called The Narrows, which is a follow-up to this book. It is a cross-over between FBI agent Rachel Walling, a character in this one, and Harry Bosch, and involves the same killer. I am going to Disneyland at the end of the week, & need an audiobook for the plane ride, but I didn't want to listen to The Narrows without reading this one first, so I bought it & read it yesterday


It is one of Connelly's rare first person narratives (so rare, in fact, that this might be the only one). The MC is a reporter named Jack McEvoy whose brother, a homicide cop, has committed suicide. Or so it is believed, until McEvoy figures out that it was actually a murder.


It is a ripping tale - I started in the morning and finished at around 11:00, with breaks for errands, football, and a spot of David Suchet as Hercule Poirot. Not great literature, but well-plotted and the end is an adrenaline rush - you know how newspaper book reviewers are always calling stuff "compulsively readable," well, yeah, it's a dumb expression, but this book is, in fact, compulsively readable. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed Connelly.