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I Am Princess X - Cherie Priest

I ended up really liking this - it is a combination of book + some graphic panels. I have it in ebook, but would really recommend that it be purchased as a print book because of the format. It doesn't show up well on my kindle paperwhite - the print doesn't enlarge, and it is very tiny, and the comic panels don't show the purple & pink color because it is grayscale only. I actually read it on my computer at work, which worked all right, but wasn't ideal.


OK, enough about the format. The content itself was delightful. It's a little bit of a mystery & a little bit of a scavenger hunt. It is set in Seattle, one of my personal favorite places, and does a great job conveying a sense of place. It might be a little bit more middle grade than YA, but overall, I thought it was terrific. I would recommend it to tech savvy teens and late pre-teens, boy or girl. The main character is a girl, but her sidekick is a boy who has been expelled for hacking into his school computer named Trick, and he's a great male character. There is zero romance, which was refreshing, and the two main female characters, Libby and May, are genuine kickass heroines. 


I've got a few more Cherie Priests on my kindle, but this was her first foray into YA. I loved it.