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I grew up in Boise, Idaho, and attended college in Salt Lake City. I am not Mormon, and, being the godless heathen that I am, I have very few friends who are involved with organized religion, and zero who are Mormon.


But I grew up among the Mormons.


Yesterday, the Mormon church issued a new policy stating that the children of same-sex couples cannot be baptized or blessed until after they turn 18 and publicly renounce their parents.


This is why I fucking hate religion in America. And, yes, this will probably offend some of my friends/followers and readers, but I can't say I am sorry. Because I am not sorry. 


Under the tenets of the Mormon religion, baptism is essential for salvation. What that means is that the current stance of the Mormon religion intentionally excludes innocent children from salvation. Those old men in a room somewhere who are making their decisions are making these decisions believing that their decision consigns those children to hell.


Now, I think they are full of shit. But make no mistake, they think they are right. What they are doing, by their actions, is interposing themselves between children and grace. And they are doing it on purpose to punish the parents of those children. There is a word for that. And that word is evil. These men are evil. By their actions, they believe themselves to be judge, jury and executioner, and they believe that they should and do have the power and authority to send children to hell.


You can see the explanation here:




And, I'll say this - while I am skeptical indeed about whether or not there is a god, if there is a god, I am absolutely certain that he/she will value the soul of an uncorrupted child over that of an evil, power-hungry, angry jackass who thinks that he has the power to stand between god and that child.


Fuck them. Fuck them all.