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The Bluestocking Literary Project


Cross-posted on my self-hosted blog The Bluestocking Literary Society.


While I was making plans for the Women’s Classics Literary Event, it occurred to me that some sort of a loose frame could enhance my reading and understanding. I decided to write a few questions to fall back on when I was reading/writing about the books.


1. What does this book say about women and the roles of women? If the main character is a woman, what are her roles? Does she accept them, or rail against them?

2. What does this book say about female independence and the way that women participate in public life?

3. What does the reception of the book by critics or the public tell us? What role does the work play in terms of women’s literary history and literary tradition?


I’m no literary critic, nor am interested in becoming one, so I will approach these questions pretty generally as a way for me to try to put the books into some helpful perspective. Now that the readathon is over, I’m launching into this project, starting with Mary Barton by Elizabeth Gaskell and Hangsaman by Shirley Jackson.


I'm probably going to be doing this project primarily on my self-hosted blog, although if there is enough interest, I will cross-post over here. What say you Booklikes? Are you interested in my Bluestocking Literary Project (as I have dubbed it)?