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Eyes of Prey - John Sandford

“The Crows beat you up pretty bad,” Elle said. The Crows were Indians, either terrorists or patriots. Lucas had helped kill them. Television had tried to make a hero out of him, but the case had cost him his relationship with his woman friend and their daughter.


You know, it would be totally awesome if the people in Davenport's life could avoid feeding his delusion that it ISN'T COMPLETELY FUCKING HIS OWN FAULT that his girlfriend left him. Since "The Crows" didn't have a good-goddamned thing to do with the fact that he was fucking the cop from NYPD and everyone knew it, and it wasn't the "case" that cost him his relationship, but rather his juvenile inability to keep his dick in his pants that is responsible for that.


Are we supposed to feel bad for him? Because sorry, not sorry, I absolutely do not.