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A festival of corruption and misogyny

Shadow Prey - John Sandford

I don't want to make too much of this book because it has about as much substance as air. It does not lend itself to deep analysis, nor did it raise significant issues that motivate a reader to think seriously about much of anything.


I think that, maybe, the author wanted us to think about stuff: mistreatment of Native Americans, privilege, corruption at the highest levels of government, whatever. But to the extent that was his goal, it is utterly lost, because the only character in this book that wasn't a caricature was a social welfare worker who grew up on the reservation.


I must interrupt to add yet another name to the list of women Lucas Davenport has fucked: Lily Rothenburg. She almost dies when she's shot by one of the bad guys.  Also, he killed yet another bad guy at the end of this book. As the author is fond of reminding us, Lucas Davenport has now killed 7 suspects in the line of duty.


This is ridiculous, by the way. Most soldiers make it home from deployment into an active battlefield without having seven confirmed kills. The idea that there would be a single police officer for any individual police department with seven confirmed lethal shootings is absurd. Mere odds would dictate that one of the men who was gunning for him would've succeeded in killing him. 


Anyway, there are crime books that do raise serious issues. This isn't one of them. It's entertaining, although Davenport himself makes me a bit nauseous, and the way he treated his significant other, Jennifer, is cringe inducing. I think I'm supposed to find him sexy. I don't. He's a douche.


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