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Lucas Davenport, his penis, and the serial killer

Rules Of Prey  - John Sandford

I've said it before - mostly when people are complaining that romance is unrealistic fantasy for the ladies - and I'll say it again: the thriller is the male version of a romance novel.


Think about it: in romance novels, the heroine is often a bit of a plain jane, the average woman with imperfections, who manages to land the most handsome billionaire in all the land to be her husband and provider of endlessly orgasmic sexy-times. This is because most writers believe that this, or a variety thereof, is the ultimate female fantasy.


The ultimate male fantasy? A slightly cooler than average guy with lots of weaponry, speedily solving crimes or international espionage whilst surround by a multiplicity intelligent, beautiful women who want to bang him relentlessly. Dirk Pitt. Robert Langdon. And, yes, Lucas Davenport. 


In anticipation that this trend will continue, I am going to keep a running list of the woman with whom Lucas Davenport exchanges bodily fluids. For my own entertainment only.


The Women of Lucas Davenport:


Jennifer Carey: the hot, smart television reporter. Relationship status: consummated. Also, pregnant with LD's love child.


Carla Ruiz: the hot, smart, artist. Relationship status: consummated, friends with benefits. 


But, leaving aside the testosterone fest aspects of this novel, it is pretty enjoyable. (In spite of the fact that Lucas has an affair with Carla, who is the only surviving victim of the maddog serial killer. This is annoying, inappropriate and completely inconsistent with reality). Engaging and fast moving. Will there be any character development at all? I suspect that the author believes that Lucas is perfect as is, but we'll see.


What do you do with a maddog? Put him down, of course.