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The Supernatural Watch

My daughter has been a huge fan of Supernatural since it began. More lately, my son adopted the show as his favorite as well. So, this summer, while the Girl is home from college, and the Boy is hanging out, we've been watching a couple of episodes of night with dinner.


Yes, I confess. My family is one of THOSE families. I let my kids watch television while we eat. I know, I know. But it is a lot of fun, and is a great way to get my teenagers to engage with me instead of staring blankly at me, obviously wishing they were somewhere else (while secretly texting under the table) while shoveling food into their maws. Stop judging me. ;)


So, anyway, we've been watching Supernatural. We just finished Season 4, and I thought that I would do some season recaps, starting with season 1.


Season 1:


I would say that overall, I found this season to be a bit annoying, actually. It really started as so many of this type of season do, with a monster-of-the-week theme (see, e.g., X-Files & Smallville) before developing its ongoing narrative arcs. This type of season tends to be a bit disjointed, and the character development often seems really random.


In addition, compared with the later seasons, there just wasn't as much cleverness in this season. It was more paint-by-numbers, less quirky.



Episode 4: Phantom Traveler is our first experience with demons and demonic possession, which makes it important in my mind. It pops back up again in later episodes as well. Also, Sam's hair is exceptionally floppy.



Episode 11: Scarecrow represents the first of many stupid fights between the brothers that result in one of them showing up to rescue the other nearly two late. It also has a nice little pagan mythology twist, that is sort of unique and interesting. 


Episode 17: Hell House is the first appearance of the ghost fighting duo that will come to be known as the Ghostfacers. They are funny as hell, basically straight line from the Lone Gunmen from X-Files (only dumber, actually). I tend to really like the funny episodes, so their appearance made me laugh.


Episode 21: Devil's Trap. This is the last episode of season 1, and is the first time that we meet Bobby Singer. It ends, predictably, in a cliff-hanger involving a possessed truck driver.