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The Quilty Reader

Lawyer, mother, avid reader. Game host extraordinaire! Partner in crime to Obsidian Black Plague! My bookish weaknesses include classics, fantasy, YA, and agreeing to read more books than is even remotely possible.

August plans

I'm going to try to be semi-reasonable here, and leave some space for random and current reads.




I plan to continue my Wharton momentum by rereading The Age of Innocence. I may also watch the movie! For Austen in August, courtesy of Room Beam Reader (link here), I plan to reread Emma. It is the 200th anniversary of publication.




The Poirot read continues with Sad Cypress and Five Little Pigs.




I'll also be reading The Masqueraders by Georgette Heyer, finishing Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, and at least starting War and Peace by Tolstoy, also a reread, but my original read was more than a quarter century ago. I won't be finishing that one in August.


Maybe that doesn't look so reasonable after all.




Aaaand, I forgot my buddy read with OB! Rules of Prey by John Sanford! Should be a fast read (I hope)!