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Boys . . .

So, today was Guitar Hero's last day of rock band camp. I decided that having him out of the house all afternoon would make for a fine opportunity to disinfect his room.


Let me explain.


We've been in a heat wave over here in the PNW. As a result, the fact that his room possessed, to put it charitably, a bit of an aroma became painfully apparent as the entire upstairs was about 85 degrees for days on end. He has a tendency to keep his door shut, so this fact had escaped me. With the heat wave, he had to leave the door open to avoid his room becoming a hot box.


Peeking inside was terrifying. As in:



hazmat suit necessary.


So I took the day off, and while he was gone, I went in with garbage bags, grapefruit cleaner, and a vacuum. And now, a mere 3 hours later it is fresh and shiny. He is going to love it.


It was gross. Boys are gross. But now it is clean.