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Open Road Summer - Emery Lord

How is there not an emoticon for irritated?


So, I am really liking the friendship between Dee & Reagan. It's refreshing to find a solid, untarnished friendship between two women in a YA/NA book. Thumbs up to that.


But goddammit, what in the actual fuck is with the device that is supposedly creating the conflict drama that is going to get someone's love interest into the story? A picture of the wholesome Dee has been released that makes it look like she was kissing her boyfriend nekkid. 


Of course, dear readers, we know that the scandal isn't even remotely scandalous. She was wearing a bathing suit, it was a pool party, and creative cropping has made it look much racier than it is.


Well, hello there competent publicist, I have an idea. Release the uncropped picture and make the tabloids look like the libelous wankers that they are. And then sue the shit out of them for their cropelousness (yes, I just made that word up). Problem solved. Scandal averted.


Seriously, this is just pissing me off. This is the easiest to solve problem in the world, and would end up by making everyone like her even more. But, no, we have to pretend that there is simply no solution to this terrible, terrible problem.


Truly stupid.