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Stronger than the first

Lady Thief - A.C. Gaughen

It is rare - for me at least - that I find the middle book to be actually stronger than the first book. This is one of those occasions. I liked Scarlet, but I didn't love it, and I really struggled with the love triangle that the author felt she needed to add to the story. Far from adding, I felt like the triangulation between Scarlet, Little John and Robin Hood detracted tremendously from book 1.


That's over, and Gaughen amps up the stakes tremendously in this book. Shit. Gets. Real. There is heartbreak, and pain, and we feel it with the characters. This is an epic fight, and our main characters are the underdogs and are just getting the shit beat out of them constantly. There is self-sacrifice. Literally, characters lose body parts. A main character dies.


It ends on a mostly sad note. Up next: Lionheart.