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Lawyer, mother, avid reader. Game host extraordinaire! Partner in crime to Obsidian Black Plague! My bookish weaknesses include classics, fantasy, YA, and agreeing to read more books than is even remotely possible.

Buddy read with Obsidian Blue, version 2.0

Dead Witch Walking - Kim Harrison

So, I had so much fun buddy-reading The Lunar Chronicles with OB, that I have roped her into round two!


We will be reading The Hollows series by Kim Harrison. 13 books, 26 weeks (or thereabouts). The unstructured plan is to read two books a month, but because life happens, we're free to modify as necessary.


And, of course, this is supposed to be fun. So, if it turns out that either of us hates this series, we reserve the right to change our individual minds!


And feel free to jump in and read along with us - if you've read part of the series already, comments are welcome. Read one, read all, the only rule is that you have to have fun. ;)


First up, Dead Witch Walking.