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Moonlight Reader

Lawyer, mother, avid reader. Game host extraordinaire! Partner in crime to Obsidian Black Plague! My bookish weaknesses include classics, fantasy, YA, and agreeing to read more books than is even remotely possible.

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From Hunger For Knowledge


1. Are you named after anyone?


My middle name is the same as my father's sister. But other than that, no.

2. When was the last time you cried?


I cry at the drop of the hat over really silly stuff. Within the last few days.

3. Do you have kids? 


Two: Animal Girl (19) and Guitar Hero (15).

4. If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself?


Yes - I am loyal and funny. But I'm also kind of boring because I'm an introvert who prefers to spend my time reading and staying home with my family.

5. Do you use sarcasm a lot?


It's my native language.

6. Will you ever bungee-jump?

Not voluntarily.

7. What’s your favourite cereal?


I don't eat cereal. It tastes like dirt (if it is healthy) or sugar (if it is not).


8. What’s the first thing you notice about people?

Their cynicism. 

9. What is your eye colour?

Bluish greenish grayish.

10. Scary movie or happy endings?

Happy. My job is chock full of abused children and sorrow. I don't need to watch it when I have to live it.

11. Favourite smells?

Lavender in the spring/summer, pumpkin spice/cinnamon in the fall/winter..

12. Summer or winter? 



13. Computer or television?



14. What’s the furthest you’ve ever been from home?


I'm from Idaho. I've been to Western Europe - Italy, Germany, Switzerland, France.

15. Do you have any special talents?


Hmmm. Since I can't think of any, I am going to say no.

16. Where were you born?



17. What are your hobbies?


Reading, blogging, camping. I also enjoy doing crafts, including cross-stitch and embroidery, and baking. 

18. Do you have any pets?


4 cats, 2 dogs, 2 rabbits, a tortoise. I used to have a horse, goats, chickens, a ferret and hamsters. So, the menagerie grows smaller, thankfully.

19. Favorite movie?


Probably The Sound of Music, with Julie Andrews. I also really love the Harry Potter movies.

20. Do you have any siblings?


One brother.

21. What do you want to be when you grow up?


I am all grown up already. I want to be the parent of two happy, responsible adults with integrity and independence. Also, I'd really like to be a grandma someday.