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Family summer listen

Five Kingdoms: Skyraiders - Brandon Mull

My family enjoys camping, which means that during the summer, we spend quite a bit of time (together) in our rig. One of the ways that we enjoying passing in the time is with an audiobook.


Brandon Mull has been a perennial favorite of the whole family. Over the last couple of years, we listened to his entire Beyonders series. Prior to that, my son was a fan of The Candy Shop Wars, and my daughter a huge fan of Fablehaven (although we have to reach back a ways to get there).


So, when the three of us (Guitar Hero, husband, and me) were getting ready to embark on the first camping trip of the season, I had to go looking for an audiobook to keep us occupied. Everyone loves to listen to middle grade fiction - there is no awkward smexiness to make us all stare into the distance and fidget uncomfortably.


Brandon Mull is, maybe, resting on his laurels a bit with this one. Cole is very similar to Jason, from the Beyonders. But it is cute and adorkable, with a bit of a steampunk flavor to the Skyport. The goofy joking between Cole and Jace made us laugh, and the relationship between Mira and Cole is sweet. The Shapers, and the magic system, is interesting, the world-building engaging, and the action kept our attention. We are just a bit less than 50% done, but won't be listening again for a few weeks - when we leave town for our next camping adventure.