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New Agathas!


Kind of a terrible pic - taken with my iPhone.




The Big Four: Hercule Poirot #5, first published in 1927. New to me.

Lord Edgware Dies: Hercule Poirot #9, first published in 1933. New to me.

Three Act Tragedy: Hercule Poirot #11, first published in 1934. New to me.


The first 25 Poirot books (I don't have time to finish the list right now - there are more than 40):


The Mysterious Affair at Styles (Poirot #1)

Murder on the Links (Poirot #2)

Poirot Investigates (Poirot #3) (short stories)

The Murder of Roger Ackroyd (Poirot #4)

The Big Four (Poirot #5)

The Mystery of the Blue Train (Poirot #6)

Black Coffee (Poirot #7) novelization of a play.

Peril at End House (Poirot #8)

Lord Edgware Dies (Poirot #9)

Murder on the Orient Express (Poirot #10)

Three Act Tragedy (Poirot #11)

Death in the Clouds (Poirot #12)

The ABC Murders (Poirot #13)

Murder in Mesopotamia (Poirot #14)

Cards on the Table (Poirot #15)

Dumb Witness (Poirot #16)

Death on the Nile (Poirot #17)

Murder in the Mews (Poirot #18)

Appointment with Death (Poirot #19)

Hercule Poirot's Christmas (Poirot #20)

Sad Cypress (Poirot #21)

One, Two, Buckle My Shoe (Poirot #22)

Evil Under the Sun (Poirot #23)

Five Little Pigs (Poirot #24)

The Hollow (Poirot #25)