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Kids Summer Reading Challenge

Found this summer reading challenge for kids. Looks easy enough to accomplish and will make going to the library and picking books out a lot easier. Found this on Pinterest; original challenge can be found at http://www.notimeforflashcards.com/2013/05/summer-reading-bucket-list.html.


In addition to this reading challenge, the base library's annual Reading Summer Program starts June 23rd and runs through Labor Day so the kids will be participating in that. The program's "prizes" are awarded by how much time you spend reading, so that it evens the playing field for kids who read slower than average or who read longer books. It is also categorized according to age ranges. There is also an adult category, so Mama has a new goal in mind, hahahaha.


 Here are the Reading Challenge's Categories:

  1. 1. Read in a tent.
  2. 2. Read a book about wild animals.
  3. 3. Read a book in the bath.
  4. 4. Read a book under a tree.
  5. 5. Read a book about a city far away. 
  6. 6. Read at dinner.
  7. 7. Read a magazine. - Highlights is the only magazine I know geared toward children. Anyone have recommendations besides Highlights?
  8. 8. Read as a family.
  9. 9. Read a book about your country. - I'm thinking we could get away with either an US one or an England one.
  10. 10. Read in a blanket fort.
  11. 11. Read a book about friendship.
  12. 12. Read a comic book.
  13. 13. Read at the park.
  14. 14. Read a magazine.
  15. 15. Read a book about art.
  16. 16. Read a book that makes your laugh.
  17. 17. Read a book with a flashlight.
  18. 18. Read a book to a pet.
  19. 19. Read at the beach.
  20. 20. Read a book about space.
  21. 21. Read a book in a funny accent.
  22. 22. Read a book while having ice cream.
  23. 23. Read a book then act it out.
  24. 24. Read a book and capture it on video.
  25. 25. Read a biography.
  26. 26. Read a book with chapters.
  27. 27. Read a book about bugs.
  28. 28. Read a book without any words.
  29. 29. Read an alphabet book.
  30. 30. Read a pop up book
  31. 31. Read at breakfast.
  32. 32. Read a book you wrote yourself.
  33. 33. Read an e-book.
  34. 34. Read all summer long.
Source: http://www.notimeforflashcards.com/2013/05/summer-reading-bucket-list.html
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