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Cinder + Kai + Thorne + Scarlet + Wolf

Scarlet - Marissa Meyer

I have thoroughly enjoyed this series so far. I like the way that Meyer is expanding her story like the layers of an onion. The first layer was Cinder & Kai, a straight-up Cinderella retelling.


This second layer adds in a new fairy tale - Little Red Riding Hood - but doesn't lose the thread of Cinder's narrative. The book begins with two separate stories that ultimately merge. There are shades of Star Wars in here, as well, and the science fiction elements are much more pronounced in this book than they were in Cinder.


Meyer is also economical and efficient with her world-building, avoiding info dumps and using well-known elements of the fairy tales to advance the world-building. The prose is generally workmanlike, although occasionally it feels a bit clunky.


I did a buddy read with Obsidian Blue - you can read her review here. I actually enjoyed the beginning of the story more than I enjoyed the end - I felt like the quality of the writing suffered a bit from the break-neck speed of the resolution. I'm not completely convinced by the romantic elements of this book, and Cinder's powers really do require further explanation.


But, I'm pretty excited to read Cress. What do you say, Obsidian? Next weekend?